Making Baseball Buddies Around the World, One Step at a Time

Who we are

Matthew Leffler, and Jordan Leffler, are on a mission to help under-privileged kids around the world to enjoy the game of baseball with proper gear like cleats, gloves, bats, and balls.

Through your generous donations, children around world will be able to play with proper shoes and equipment.

What We do

We ask members of our community to donate old and used baseball gear like cleats, bats, gloves, helmets, and catcher’s gear. We then ship them to impoverished schools and villages in areas like Dominican Republic, Mexico, Honduras, Haiti, Peru, El Salvador, Columbia and many other nations who could use our help.

We also help our fellow Americans in the Boys and Girls Club of America, Skip Program, and the RBI program, (Restoring Baseball in Innercities). Let Us Know How We Could Help You.

Can You Help?

Donations: Please go through your garage, attic, basement, or closet and donate any unused baseball equipment to our foundation. We accept reusable cleats, gloves, bats and any other baseball equipment that helps a less fortunate child play the game.

Sponsorship: Please sponsor shipping fees. Your tax deductible donation will help cover shipping costs to regions in Central America, South America, Bahamas and around the world.

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